Learning Spanish

I have found the one-on-one Spanish classes here on Xela to be excellent for learning Spanish.   As someone who spoke literally not a word of Spanish before medical school started,  I have been able to make what I feel like is a ton of progress in a short time studying over a few months here in Xela on two different occasions.   My teacher also says I am a “nerdita” so that probably helps.  Right now we’re at the point where we just try to push me to say as many complex things and converse as much as possible in Spanish.   I also carry around a small notebook with me and write down any word I hear that I don’t know throughout the day and later make all the words into tiny flashcards.  I have found it very helpful to force myself to even write down words that sound the same in English and Spanish …words that i understand when i hear them spoken but that I don’t necessarily have readily accessible in my vocabulary and make them into flashcards as well.  My teacher Luis is really awesome- he is a lawyer who is interested in rights of indigenous peoples,  he is currently writing a thesis on domestic and family violence,  and he is really politically interested and active… so we always have lots to talk about.  He has been fascinated by the current political climate in North Carolina.   Never a dull moment with him!


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