Hiking Volcan Santa Maria!

So this was awesome.  We did this last Saturday morning with Adrenalina tours (Quetzaltrekkers,  the more popular group didn’t have a trip).  We got picked up at our house at about 5am and started hiking by 5:45.  We went with another friend from our school and two Canadian tourists, a Guatemalan guide and two armed police men which is now the norm as there have apparently been increasing numbers of robberies on foreign hikers.  So we felt very safe!

The hike was tough! It was definitely very steep but I think the altitude really affected me the most.  I was feeling a little nauseous and breathing extremely hard by the end.  But the view from the top was incredible- a 360 degree view including Xela, the highest volcano in Central America Volcan Tajumulco,  and Santiaguito, an active volcano at the base of Santa Maria.

We also found it pretty hilarious that the fruit juice (or probably more appropriately referred to as “nectar”) that they gave us for the hike has as its slogan ” the difference between drinking something and eating it”, presumably because of its sugar content? See the pictures.  Regardless, it was delicious while watching Santiaguito erupt, admiring the vista, and recovering from the effects of the falta de aire.  Overall highly recommended.20140208_083012 20140208_065029 20140208_085146 20140208_093004 20140208_093026 20140208_094938 20140208_10130620140208_064206


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