De vuelta en Xela!

20140203_175600 20140203_175638Please excuse my late arrival on the blog, as well as my improper use of punctuation from these keyboards.  I will do my best to catch up with Claire.
It is really wonderful to be back in Xela!  All the little things of being in Guatemala are bringing back lots of memories of my time here in 2011 when I studied at Proyecto Linquistico, another Spanish school in Xela.  There is something that I love about being surrounded by beautiful moutains, with volcan Santa Maria just hanging out to the south, the air really crisp and cool in the mornings and evenings but the warm sun on the rooftops in mid-day. and there are areas of the city that are really quiet and peaceful.  But also this is a dirty, busy city where you will get run over by a chicken bus or a taxi if you hestitate for half a second too long (aka, its Latin America, do we need to explain further? I dont think so).  I love the contrasts.  I also adore the Spanish language and I love immersing myself in it and thinking about it all the time and constantly learning new words and waking up catching myself thinking and dreaming (albeit poorly) in Spanish.  (I apologize that this is a really lame post about how am I just really happy to be here.)
Also for my health situation, which is currently less than ideal, I was nervous about coming here because I am struggling with feeling mediocre to poor a lot of the time.  But I think its good to be relatively distracted, and this program and Spanish immersion is certainly distracting.  So far I have only had one day that was really challenging.  So maybe this blog will also be some commentary on dealing with chronic illness while also attempting to live a full (and perhaps overly full, overly ambitious) life which I am only just learning to navigate and survive.  More on my adventures with the Guatemalan health care system later, and also how my frustrations with my medical care in the US and inability to get the medications I wanted in the US may ever so slightly have been a very minor motivation for coming here (dont worry dear readers, we are not talking about controlled substances here, more like simple antihistamines, perhaps antihypertensives for migraine prophylaxis).  So far everything is going well.
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