An orientation

Well well well, I see that Claire has been philosophizing but no one has oriented you to our daily life and surroundings.

We are living with a lovely family.  The mother teaches at our school and the father seems to be home during the day a fair bit to cook for us but I think he helps out with the family business which is the production of a garlic sauce.  They have two sons of 28 and 24 years.  The 24 year old is home and has meals with us a lot, which is nice, and he also works with the family business, which is making a garlic sauce.  We live just a few blocks from the school.  Claire and I are sleeping in a very large attic, which has been very comfortable and warm.  We have had very delicious meals with lots of variety and fruits and vegetables.  We also have… wait for it… WIFI in our house (increible!) which makes us feel pretty spoiled.

I think as far as homestays go, this family is more upper class than average.  When I studied here in Xela 2011, I was completely comfortable and had everything I needed, but I basically stayed in a room that had just enough space for a bed, where the room opened out onto a courtyard so it was MUCH colder, and definitely no WIFI.  So I definitely overpacked, with a lightweight down jacket, a fleece, and two wool sweaters.  I also very embarrassingly had an internal debate about whether to bring an old pair of Ugg boots because I get so cold, especially my feet, and I have forever been haunted by this backpacking trip I took in March in the NC mountains.  But luckily the sense of overwhelming shame I would have felt won out and I did not bring them.  Now I just need to learn how to say that in Spanish.

Random things we have done so far that you will see in these pictures:

-sit in our room studying diligently at our desks.  We have been each conjugating one verb in every tense from the book 501 spanish verbs before every meal

-eating delicious baked goods from the Mennonite bakery que se llama “Bake Shop” (I can tell this is already Claires favorite place in Xela, as she went twice in the span of less than six hours last Friday.20140204_142356 20140204_195102 20140204_195117 20140206_182612)

-cooking a giant meal for all the students at our school last Friday night with two other students, which required an epic trip to the market La Democracia where we spent about 100 dollars cooking thai green curry for 35 people, along with a peach blackberry crumble (we bought 8 pounds of blackberries for like 3 dollars)


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